How Can WasteZero Help Your Community?

What Is WasteZero Trash Metering™?

  • Services

    Beyond traditional pay-as-you-throw, WasteZero Trash Metering™ provides a comprehensive set of services and complete program management.

  • Partnership

    WasteZero partners with you to create a program customized to the needs of your community.

  • Supplies

    WasteZero manufactures 100% of our high-quality custom-printed Trash Metering bags in our own U.S. facility.

WasteZero by the Numbers:

  • 44% Reduction in Municipal Solid Waste

    That’s an average of 500 pounds per person! Traditional pay-as-you-throw programs only reduce waste by 5% to 20% and bring multiple challenges.

  • 50% Decrease in Costs

    Communities benefit from reduced tipping fees, transportation and other costs. Recycling revenue skyrockets! With up to 50% reduction in costs, the additional funds can be used to strengthen the financial health of your city or town.

  • $0 Up-front Costs

    WasteZero Trash Metering is completely turnkey. We manage everything from program design to resident education and communication, manufacturing, retail setup, delivery, accounting and reporting on program success.

More Reasons to Switch to WasteZero

  • A Fair Model

    Residents don’t subsidize their neighbors’ trash. Everyone pays for what they use;
    no more and no less.

  • Experienced Program Management

    WasteZero has been working with communities for over 20 years and more than 99% of our programs are still in place.

  • Recycling Gains

    As trash tonnage decreases, recycling increases, slowing landfill progression and creating recycling revenue and jobs.

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Where the savings really show up is in manpower. We used to send three trucks three days a week, each with a driver and two pickers. We now send two trucks with one driver and one picker. The expenses also go down. We're running less equipment so our fuel costs go down and our maintenance costs go down.

David H., Public Works Director
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