Monthly Archives: May 2012

May 31

“Maine garbage study shows 60 percent of trash could be diverted”

A recently updated 2011 study by the University of Maine School of Economics that sorted and assessed the contents of trash in a representative sample of 17 Maine communities concludes that as much as 60 percent of what’s thrown away could be diverted from the waste stream through composting and recycling.

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May 21

“Tiverton’s Pay-As-You-Throw trash program adding life to landfill”

One year into the Pay-As-You-Throw program, Department of Public Works Director Stephen Berlucchi is thrilled with the results.

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May 16

Tiverton Reaches Environmental Milestone With New Pay As You Throw Program

50% reduction in solid waste in first year of implementation combined with increased recycling extends life of landfill.

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