Made in the USA

Our mission at WasteZero extends beyond our focus on doing the right thing for the garbage crisis, municipal finances, and the environment. We’re also deeply committed to manufacturing our bags here in the United States.

Photo 2013-04-12 03.41.28 PM (1)Unlike most other companies that make plastic garbage bags, we make 100% of our product in the US. Our plant is in Hemingway, South Carolina, a small town in Williamsburg County, in the northeastern corner of the state. In this mostly rural area with high unemployment, our plant has more than 50 workers. They do everything: convert used plastic film into pellets, blow the pellets into bags, imprint the bags with custom stamps, and pack the completed bags into boxes ready for shipping.

Manufacturing our bags in the US means keeping jobs here instead of in other countries. It means making a positive economic impact in a part of the country that sorely needs it. And it means having a smaller environmental footprint for shipping the finished product to our customers.

There are a lot of different ways to think of a company’s “bottom line,” and for us, keeping these good jobs in the US is one of the most important.

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