Monthly Archives: October 2013

Our Presentation at UNC

As a company headquartered in North Carolina, we were particularly excited to have been asked by the University of North Carolina’s School of Government to present at a two-day program they hosted last week about solid waste finance. The program, put on by the School of Government’s Environmental Finance Center, brought together solid waste experts…

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Plymouth Rocks

When we say that our pay-as-you-throw programs are immediately effective at reducing solid waste volumes, we mean it. The latest community to experience that reduction for itself is the town of Plymouth, Mass., which—are you sitting down?—has seen a 39% decrease in solid waste volume since it began its program in July. A 39% reduction…

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The Drawbacks of Cash-Based Convenience Centers

You might say that convenience centers or transfer stations where residents pay cash for each bag of garbage they throw away are the original pay-as-you-throw program. After all, they’re unit-based—you literally pay as you throw. And they’re equitable—people who create less garbage pay less to dispose of it, and people who create more pay more….

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