Monthly Archives: January 2014

A New Pay-as-You-Throw Success Story in Eliot, Maine

The town of Eliot, Maine, has kicked off its brand-new pay-as-you-throw program with a bang: in just four months, the town has cut its trash volume by a stunning 57% and saved more than $8,500 in disposal fees. Eliot–a small town of 6,200 tucked into southern Maine–began the program on Sept. 3. From that point…

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Trash Bag Voucher Programs, for Resident Ease and Municipal Savings

Like many towns and cities around the country, Broken Arrow, Okla., gives away trash bags to its residents. A new WasteZero program in Broken Arrow will simplify that process, giving residents vouchers to pick up their bags in local retailers—and in the process saving the city money, reducing the number of wasted bags, making things…

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What Six Years of Pay-as-You-Throw Looks Like

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: pay-as-you-throw just plain works. The latest example? The southeastern Massachusetts town of Dartmouth, which marked six years of PAYT in October. In that time, they’ve cut their trash by 59% and boosted their recycling by 50%. Let’s say that again, in case those numbers snuck by…

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