4 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Want to Recycle Your Textiles

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, just 15.8% of all textiles–fleece, flannel, corduroy, cotton, nylon, denim, wool, and linen–were recovered in 2012. That’s a number that’s easy to boost, once you know how important–and how easy–it is to recycle textiles.

1. It takes almost a third of a pound of pesticides–and 400 gallons of water–to produce just one t-shirt… so reselling or donating all your textiles means doing a lot to conserve valuable natural resources.

Cotton field

2. Your clothes are never too stained to donate. Clean them and then bring them to your local Goodwill, which will take them–and then either resell or recycle!

Stained t-shirt

3. Clothes that can’t be made wearable again can still be recycled. They can have a valuable life as cleaning materials (like rags and mop heads) and green building insulation.

Green insulation

4. Carpets can be recycled! Even throwing away just 100 square feet of used carpet means sending 450 lbs. to the landfill. Go to http://carpetrecovery.org/ to learn how and where to recycle carpets.

Carpet at landfill

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