B Corps and Best for the Environment

Being a certified B Corp means a lot to us at WasteZero, so we’re especially pleased that for the second year running, we’ve been named to the nonprofit B Lab’s “Best for the Environment” list–an honor reserved for just 116 companies in the top 10% of certified B Corps for environmental impact. WasteZero’s environmental score of 43 puts us well ahead of the average B Corp environmental impact score of 9. And we’re in (pardon the pun) good company, sharing space on the list this year with large, high-impact firms such as Seventh Generation and New Belgium Brewing.


Being on this list helps remind our employees and our partners that what we do really does make a difference in the world. But we’re also excited about it for other reasons: Being a Best for the Environment B Corp holds a lot of meaning for us because it validates some of the core values that motivate us the most.

Here’s the thing: We’re not a company that just happens to create positive environmental outcomes along the way to other goals; our core product is positive environmental outcomes. Not only are we on a mission to cut trash in half across the country–we’re actually cutting trash in half. And we’re doing it by, as the B Lab’s motto puts it, using “business as a force for good”: harnessing the power of incentives to encourage individuals to throw away less and recycle more, cutting trash in half and creating profound and lasting environmental benefits.

So as we pause this week to think about what it means to be a “best for the environment” company, we’re grateful to be part of the B Corp community, working with so many great organizations to be a business that helps make our world a better place.

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