Award-Winning Pay-as-You-Throw Programs

The primary benefits of pay-as-you-throw are clear: cutting trash in half, boosting recycling, saving money, and helping the environment.

Of course, it never hurts to also win an award.

That’s just what happened recently for three WasteZero pay-as-you-throw partner communities. At its annual “Trash Bash,” the South Shore Recycling Cooperative in Massachusetts gave its “Municipal Trash Basher” award to the towns of Plymouth, Hanson, and Scituate.


Plymouth, Mass., Public Works Director Jonathan Beder accepts the curbside service “Trash Basher” award.

Plymouth won for best performance among curbside communities. The town began its pay-as-you-throw program in July 2013. At the one-year mark last summer, Plymouth reported cutting its solid waste tonnage by 44%, nearly doubling its recycling rate (from 16% to 31%),

Hanson won for best performance among drop-off or transfer station communities. The town began its PAYT program in July 2014, and SSRC reports that per-household disposal tonnage immediately dropped by 32% compared with the prior year. Moreover, according to SSRC, Hanson’s new waste disposal patterns should save the town about $100,000 in hauling and disposal costs.


Scituate Public Works Director Kevin Cafferty accepts his town’s “Trash Basher” award.

The award for least trash per household went to Scituate, which has been running a pay-as-you-throw program for a dozen years. The town’s trash per household served is at 1,031 pounds–compared to an average of 1,650 in the area served by SSRC.

For more information about the awards, click here.

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