Trash bag Sales Support New Girls’ Field Hockey team in Michigan

WasteZero spends most of its time working to cut the trash in half across America.  However, we believe in helping our communities in other ways, as well.  One way we support communities across America is by helping local organizations and non-profits raise funds by selling a product almost everyone needs:  Trash bags…especially those made with recycled plastic.  Here’s a great story about how WasteZero trash bags helped fund a girls’ field hockey team in Clarkston, MI.

Once Deborah Trahey and her sister decided to start a girls’ high school field hockey team in Clarkston, Michigan, there was never any question about how funds would be raised.

“When I was a teenager, I had a great experience selling trash bags,” Trahey said. It’s the perfect product because everyone needs them, and they don’t spoil.”

She did some Internet sleuthing, searching out top-quality, American-made trash bags featuring drawstring closures. She found WasteZero®’s trash bag fundraising program for Boy Scout councils and called to find out if the company could work with her program.

The first order of WasteZero’s Benefit Bags sold out quickly, with gross sales of $3,700 — enough to purchase uniforms for the 37 girls who came out for the no-cut team. “We netted almost $2,900 and were able to pay for game and practice uniforms,” she said.

clarkston-iInitially, some of the girls griped that the product wasn’t “glamourous,” Trahey said. But they quickly realized that trash bags are “an easy sell.” Most girls sold the bags by the roll, but some sold them by the case, with customers purchasing a year’s worth in one fell swoop.

Trahey noted other groups at school worked very hard with bake sales and car washes but made less than $500 for their efforts. “I chuckled all the way to the bank,” she said. “Trash bags are a lot less trouble, and they never expire.”

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