Boy Scouts Hit the Streets to Sell Trash Bags

Troop 153 Shows Bags II

Troop 153 shows off its fundraising trash bags.

Concord, CALIF – Kristie Peacock was excited when she heard about a new fundraising program to raise money for Boy Scouts to go to camp: WasteZero®’s eco-friendly trash bags.

“We set a goal of $380 per Scout, or $7,600 for all 20 Scouts in our troop,” said Peacock, a mother two Scouts in the troop. “After a few outings, we knew we would blow through our sales goal and even be able to park some extra money in the Scout accounts.”

The Antioch, California Troop 153 – a unit of the Mt. Diablo-Silverado Council, Boy Scouts of America – walked the neighborhood in Concord, California one recent Saturday morning knocking on doors and moving product.  “Selling trash bags is a lot easier and a lot quicker than popcorn,” said Peacock’s son, Kenny, 12, who took his turn pulling the Red Flyer wagon, loaded down with rolls of bags, down the sidewalk.  As soon as they ran low on product, his father replenished the stock from inventory in his minivan.

Albert getting ready to make a sale…

“Door-to-door sales is the very best way to sell,” commented Allen Babcock, a vault safe maintenance technician and father of Landon, 11. “If you can get someone to answer the door, you have an excellent chance of making the sale.”  The group — consisting of Landon Babcock, Kenny Peacock, Zach Peacock, 10, Christopher Beatty, 14, and Albert Wong, 11, grossed $350 in sales in one three-hour outing.

The most touching transaction of the morning was when an elderly gentleman, a veteran, bought trash bags and then asked the Scouts if they would accept a box of frayed American flags for ritual retirement. (They did.)

Kristie Peacock said that when she first pitched the trash bag sale to her troop, she positioned it as a means of earning their way to camp. When she told the boys that a group of Jamboree-bound Scouts at the Mt. Diablo Council had recently sold $10,000 worth of product, her boys jumped on board.

Bags in Use

Customers using bags right away!

In the coming weeks, in addition to more door-to-door excursions, Troop 153 plans to set up shop outside a Walmart, a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and a popular local restaurant. They are also reaching out to their churches to see if they would be willing to support Scouting by offering the product after services. And then, there are always friends and family.

Kristie Peacock chuckled as she recounted her sister’s reaction to the appeal: “ ‘At least you’re hitting me up with something I can use!’ ”

That comment epitomizes why the trash bag sale is working so well with Troop 153 and in units and councils across the country: not only are the bags made in America out of  recycled content, but people use them every day.

Kristie Peacock added, “Once the word gets out about how much the boys are selling, this trash bag sale is going to be a hit – it’s a no-brainer.”

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