Careers at WasteZero

At WasteZero, it's all about people, talent, and passion. Recognized as America's leading waste reduction company, WasteZero offers its employees not just jobs, but opportunities to build rewarding careers. If you're looking for a challenging position with global growth potential and the chance to make a positive and lasting impact on local communities and the environment, you'll find it at WasteZero.

WasteZero employees come from a wide range of industry, educational, and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in an environment that values individual perspectives.  We are looking for smart, driven candidates who will help us build the sophisticated solutions that enable our customers to succeed. From marketing and sales to program design, manufacturing, and finance, we offer varied, challenging, and rewarding career paths. Seize the opportunity to grow with us-and put your passion for excellence to work.

Why You?

It takes a unique individual to work for a one-of-a-kind company. So while we don't have a set mold for the people we hire, we do look for certain characteristics:

  • Curiosity
    You see intellectual curiosity as the cornerstone of innovation and creativity.
  • Teamwork
    You can cooperate with your colleagues, form close relationships, and are able to both lead and follow-whatever the situation calls for.
  • Flexibility
    You are able to adjust to a variety of situations and new requirements.
  • Drive
    You have the energy, stamina, and tenacity to achieve personal and externally-required standards of excellence, and achieve results.
  • Commitment
    You will put discretionary effort into your work, beyond the required minimum to get the job done, and will dedicate yourself to achieving high customer satisfaction.

Why WasteZero?

Working at WasteZero is a challenging and rewarding experience for a number of reasons.  A WasteZero career enables you to:

Make a difference

The work we do matters. It matters for the environment and it matters for the municipalities we serve.

  • Environmentally
    By helping reduce municipal solid waste tonnage and increase recycling, WasteZero Trash Metering™ and conversion programs help slow down the depletion of natural resources, lower energy use, lower carbon emissions, and shrink the amount of toxins generated that put water and air quality at risk. You can feel good about your role in protecting our limited and diminishing natural resources.
  • Fiscally
    We partner with municipalities to design programs that save them money. In today's challenging fiscal climate, communities must often decide whether to cut critical services or useful residential programs-or both. When we help municipalities reduce solid waste, we may be helping preserve emergency response personnel or teaching jobs or enable communities to repair roads or build parks.  That kind of work matters.

Grow with us

WasteZero is a company on the move. In a short time, we have expanded beyond our original location in South Carolina to new locations in Raleigh, NC, Cambridge, MA, and Chicago, IL. We've added new jobs in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, and more. And we continue to add new customers and expand our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hemingway, SC. We are a company committed to creating and keeping jobs in the US.

Challenge yourself

You may not fulfill your potential by staying on a safe and comfortable path. At WasteZero, things don't always come easy. You will need to be an innovator, a designer, and an implementer, sometimes simultaneously. WasteZero will provide you with the kinds of opportunities to stretch yourself and grow as a professional.

To apply to any of our openings, please email your resume to HR@wastezero.com.