US-Made Trash Metering Supplies

bag packaging

There are a lot of advantages to knowing who makes your trash bags and to working with them directly.

Unlike many third-party vendors, we know, measure, and record everything about our products, from the contents of each bag to the weight and barcode of every case that leaves our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Being your vendor is an important job, and we take it seriously. Because we make all our bags right here in the US, we control the manufacturing process from start to finish. That means whenever you have a question or a concern, you pick up the phone and speak directly to us, bypassing the challenges and time commitments often inherent with third-party or overseas vendors.

100% American Made

All of WasteZero's Trash Metering™ supplies are made right here in the US. That way we have full control over quality and delivery time frames.

100% American Owned

WasteZero is a privately held company with offices in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, and South Carolina.

100% Committed to America's Future

WasteZero is a different kind of company; one dedicated to our employees, neighborhoods, and communities. We believe in keeping jobs in the US and giving back to American workers.

WasteZero is fundamentally different. All of our products are made in the US, from recycled materials. Which keeps Americans employed and our environment healthy.