For Public Sector Customers

Helping Communities Save Money and Cut Trash in Half

WasteZero partners with hundreds of cities, towns, counties, and state agencies across the nation to help them dramatically reduce residential trash while also saving their budgets.

WasteZero the only company that combines consulting expertise with the operational capability to fully implement and manage comprehensive waste reduction programs—helping communities go from analysis to results.


Consulting on Waste Reduction and Diversion

Program Design

Community Engagement

Program Implementation

Program Management

Innovative Approaches

We cut the trash in half by changing how people pay for it.

By switching from an antiquated “flat fee” approach to a more innovative, fairer pay-as-you-throw approach, we help cities and towns give their residents the incentive to cut waste and recycle.  Our approach to PAYT is called WasteZero Trash Metering®, and it cuts waste by an average of 44%.

In addition, we can help communities identify, assess, and implement a wide range of waste reduction programs, including

We provide our partners with the expertise, supplies, support services, and financing to ensure that their programs are successful.

A History of Success

More than 95% of WasteZero waste reduction programs are still in place, some after more than 20 years.