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WasteZero Supports the “Big Triangle Clean Up” with the Y Guides

WasteZero is excited to be partnering with the YMCA and the Triangle-area Y Guides on the Big Triangle Clean Up, taking place on Saturday, November 12.  We look forward to seeing thousands of Y Guides, equipped with WasteZero recycled bags, cleaning up schools and parks throughout the area.  They’ll be picking up trash, collecting recycling,…

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Trash bag Sales Support New Girls’ Field Hockey team in Michigan

WasteZero spends most of its time working to cut the trash in half across America.  However, we believe in helping our communities in other ways, as well.  One way we support communities across America is by helping local organizations and non-profits raise funds by selling a product almost everyone needs:  Trash bags…especially those made with…

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Pay-as-You-Throw Around the World

Pay-as-you-throw isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon. Countries around the world–especially in Asia and Europe–also use the system to cut waste and boost recycling. A few recent news stories illustrate the trend. Taiwan: A feature story in the Wall Street Journal calls the small island nation “an international poster child for recycling,” painting a picture of…

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“Inevitably, Landfills Always Fail”

The third segment of the solid waste episode of Chronicle, the Boston TV news magazine, opens with some pretty grim statistics about the state of waste disposal in Massachusetts. As WasteZero’s Stephen Lisauskas explains, landfill space is quickly dwindling in Massachusetts: while there were more than 300 landfills operating in the 1980s, there are only 7 today….

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The Power of a Banana Peel

If you easily could decrease the amount of trash you create by almost 20% and dramatically reduce the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, would you do it? The second segment of the Boston TV news program that focused on trash looks at how the growing trend of food scrap diversion holds…

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Worcester Solid Waste Reduction

“A Perfect Storm–of Garbage”

We’ve been saying for a while that there’s a trash crisis in the U.S., with excess garbage putting the environment at risk and draining municipal coffers. It’s why we’re so committed to cutting waste and increasing recycling. And now a television news program out of Boston has come to the same conclusion. The program, Chronicle, dedicated all of last…

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Pay-as-You-Throw and the “Power of Now”

“We can cut trash in half across America,” WasteZero Chairman John Campbell told a packed room at the Catawba College Center for the Environment on Feb. 23, “and we can do it now.” The “power of now,” as Campbell put it, was central to his talk. Every day that cities go without adopting a utility…

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The Value of Waste Reduction, or, What the New York Times Got Wrong About Recycling

If you care about solid waste reduction, by now you’ve probably read John Tierney’s New York Times opinion piece denigrating the value of recycling. It’s a long piece, but in a nutshell, Tierney’s two-fold argument is this: There’s no point in recycling unless it makes economic sense—and it doesn’t make economic sense. He’s missing the…

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Award-Winning Pay-as-You-Throw Programs

The primary benefits of pay-as-you-throw are clear: cutting trash in half, boosting recycling, saving money, and helping the environment. Of course, it never hurts to also win an award. That’s just what happened recently for three WasteZero pay-as-you-throw partner communities. At its annual “Trash Bash,” the South Shore Recycling Cooperative in Massachusetts gave its “Municipal Trash Basher”…

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With Pay-as-You-Throw, Good Policy Is Good Politics

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: pay-as-you-throw isn’t just good policy; it’s also good politics. That’s been true for a while, and the news yesterday out of Waterville, Maine, is just more evidence for it. In a city-wide referendum, Waterville residents voted by an overwhelming two-to-one margin to continue PAYT. It’s not hard to see why. Pay-as-you-throw…

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