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Don’t Throw Away Used Textiles…No Matter How Nasty They Are!

Every year in the US, we generate more than 258 million tons of municipal solid waste.  Just over 16 million tons of that—or about 6%—are textile items.  The vast majority of those items can be recycled.  Sadly, they aren’t.  Nearly 85% of textile waste ends up being tossed in the trash bin.  Only 15% are…

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WasteZero’s President talks to Waste Dive about why NYC is looking at PAYT and its huge impact on reducing GHGs…

  Check out this article on one of our favorite websites, WasteDive.  It includes an interview with WasteZero president, Mark Dancy on pay-as-you-throw and how to overcome the “fear of change” from a policy standpoint.  

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How to Talk About Pay-as-You-Throw

Pay-as-you-throw works: that much we know. With an average waste reduction of 44%, and dramatic financial and environmental benefits, there’s really no question that PAYT is wise public policy. But the politics of pay-as-you-throw can be trickier. People naturally resist many kinds of change, and changing a system as personal as trash can feel especially troubling. What’s more,…

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4 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Want to Recycle Your Textiles

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, just 15.8% of all textiles–fleece, flannel, corduroy, cotton, nylon, denim, wool, and linen–were recovered in 2012. That’s a number that’s easy to boost, once you know how important–and how easy–it is to recycle textiles. 1. It takes almost a third of a pound of pesticides–and 400 gallons of…

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5 Ways to Create Less Waste This Valentine’s Day

Are you excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want that celebration to mean more trash? Look no further–here are five great tips for showing that special someone that you care, without putting a strain on your garbage can. 1. Send an e-card instead of using a paper card that will end up being thrown…

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