Collecting Used Textiles at the Curbside

Transforming Used Textiles from Cost to Revenue Source...for Free

According to EPA statistics, the average US resident throws away 81 pounds of textiles (clothing, shoes, carpeting, and more) each year.  That adds up to nearly 13 million tons of material being landfilled or incinerated each year.  85% of used textiles are thrown away and wasted.  Yet, these materials actually have significant value, even old rags!

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Free Curbside Collection of Used Textiles

simple_recycling_logoWasteZero and Simple Recycling are working together to help cities get value from used textiles.  Currently, cities pay to bury or burn 85% of used textiles.

Now, WasteZero and Simple Recycling are offering curbside collection of textiles to interested cities and towns.  This service:

  • Is free to cities and towns
  • Pays cities and towns $20 per ton for all materials collected
  • Is convenient for residents: Collection routes mirror your existing recycling routes, so residents don’t have to remember any new collection day
  • Is 100% turn-key:  The City staff doesn’t have to do anything, as Simple Recycling handles all logistics and collection work
  • Does not compete with local charities:  Charitable donations of textiles do not drop in communities that use Simple Recycling

Contact us today to discuss how Simple Recycling and WasteZero can help turn used textiles from a cost center to a savings and revenue source for your community.

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