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Clean plastic grocery sacks received from schools by ENVIRO-BAG® are utilized in the production of ENVIRO-BAG® Trash Bags.

Your purchase of ENVIRO-BAG® Trash Bags is a statement which encourages companies to participate in community and recycling projects like this one.

If you like this product tell your friends.... word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Thanks for your support! To find out how you or your area school can participate call 1-800-866-3954.



The School Recycling Program                                     Schoolprog

Here is how it works...

1. Register

It's easy to start! Select a program coordinator and call 1-800-866-3954 to sign up. Shortly after, ENVIRO-BAG® will send your school the materials needed to ship your sponsor's grocery bags, and instructions on how to promote the program to your students, teachers, parents and neighbors.

2. Recycle

Fill the recycle container supplied by ENVIRO-BAG® with clean "sponsor" plastic grocery sacks. Your school will receive up to $1.00 per pound collected. Not only can you feel good about recycling, but you can also earn money for your efforts! Please remove any paper, staples, etc. from the bags before mailing to ENVIRO-BAG®. Each recycling container holds about 3,200 sacks or up to 40 lbs.

3. Pick-Up

When the recycling container is filled with clean, rolled plastic sacks, (from your grocery sponsor) simply call ENVIRO-BAG® at 1-800-866-3954 to schedule a pick up. This will ensure that we have a record of the box being sent in for processing. Give the customer service representative your School ID Number, Box Number, and PRP Return Number from your pick up label. You may request a new box at this time.

Please be sure the school office personnel is aware that THE BOX IS TO BE GIVEN TO YOUR FED EX CARRIER. ENVIRO-BAG® will arrange for the pick up within 3-4 business days once you notify them you have a box ready to return. If your box is not picked up within 3-4 business days, please notify ENVIRO-BAG®.  

The plastic grocery sacks are recycled into trash bags.

4. Close the loop!!

The most important step! ENVIRO-BAG® trash bags are the end result of your collection efforts. When you purchase these bags at your local sponsor store, you close the recycling loop.



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