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Feb 12

In the Face of a Waste Crisis, These Municipalities are Stepping Up & Leading the Way to Waste Reduction

It seems that lately when it comes to news about waste and recycling, it’s bad news story after bad news story. Connecticut is facing a waste crisis, and the fate of the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) facility is uncertain. However, there is good news out there as well.  In Connecticut, 31 municipalities have stepped up…

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Sep 3

Business Insider Today Feature on Pay-As-You-Throw

Great video feature from Business Insider Today on pay-as-you-throw and all the impressive results for one of our oldest customers Worcester, Massachusetts!

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Jul 23

WasteZero Named to Brandable Box’s 10 Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Companies List

48% of Americans say they would change their consumption habits all together to reduce their impact on the environment. Many companies have heard consumers desires for more environmentally-friendly practices and some brands have really embraced these consumer desires. Brandable Box wanted to highlight a few other brands who are doing more than just business.

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Jun 10

WasteZero Programs Approach $1.7 Billion in Positive Financial Impact

Raleigh, NC – June 10, 2019 – WasteZero is pleased to report that its waste reduction programs have provided a cumulative net positive financial benefit of more than $1.66 billion to its partner communities. Since its founding in 1991, WasteZero has been developing, launching, and managing a range of waste reduction programs. Hundreds of cities…

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Jun 4

10 months into program, trash down 24% at transfer station

After just 10 months of their new pay-as-you-throw program, the Town of Rockport, Mass. has seen a 24% decrease in trash being sent to landfills and a 10% increase in recycling collection.

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May 30

TRASHED: Paying for trash? When waste meets wallet, ‘It always works’

Between November 2018 and March 2019, the Carroll County community of 1,396 residents cut the amount of garbage collected at the curb nearly in half, from 44.12 tons per month to 23.42.

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Apr 16

Since start of pay-as-you-throw trash program, New Windsor’s overall waste generation drops 26%

Since the launch in early November of New Windsor’s Fair Trash Reduction pay-as-you-throw pilot program, the town has seen a 41% tonnage decrease in solid waste, combined with a 35% increase in the tonnage of material that is recycled.

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Apr 15

First Annual Earth911 Sustainability Awards

Earth911 recently awarded Portland, ME with a 2018 Sustainability award! As a PAYT city, they produce “the 3rd lowest average pounds of trash per capita of the 20 cities in its waste district despite having the state’s largest population.”

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Apr 4

Portsmouth Posts Highest Waste Diversion Rate in State After 1st year of Pay-As-You-Throw Program

In a recent report from RIRRC, Portsmouth ranked highest in the state in both categories that the organization uses to measure the success of waste reduction programs in each municipality; mandatory recycling rate, and rate of overall material diversion from landfill. The Town credits its success in large part to their PAYT program.

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Mar 4

WasteZero Develops Program to Divert Hard-to-Recycle Plastics

Raleigh, NC – March 4th, 2019 – WasteZero, the nation’s leader in helping cities and towns reduce municipal solid waste, is launching a new program to divert and recycle plastic items that are typically not addressed by traditional recycling programs. The new program is called EnviroBag®, and it will provide communities and their residents with…

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