WasteZero In The News
Feb 29

Brewer, Maine, Reaches Fifth Anniversary of Pay-as-You-Throw Program, Marks $370,000 in Savings

The city’s recycling rate has increased from 5% before pay-as-you-throw to 29% today.

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Feb 26

How to Turn Down the Volume of Trash

A Q&A on the mechanics and benefits of pay-as-you-throw with WasteZero’s Joshua Kolling-Perin in the Salisbury (N.C.) Post.

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Feb 26

WasteZero’s Campbell Talks Trash at Center for the Environment

The Salisbury (N.C.) Post covers a presentation by WasteZero Chairman John Campbell at the Catawba College Center for the Environment.

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Feb 22

Gold in the Garbage: How Recycling Rates Could Be a Lot Higher

Pay-as-you-throw “may be about as close to a magic bullet as local-government leaders can get,” the president of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance writes in a Governing magazine column.

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Jan 20

WasteZero Recertified as a B Corp

Company earns “B Impact Assessment” score of 96, significantly higher than the median score of 80.

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Jan 6

Brattleboro, Vt., to Reduce Curbside Garbage Collection

After six months of pay-as-you-throw, the city will be saving an additional $100,000 per year by moving to every-other-week garbage collection.

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Dec 31

An Early Adopter Of Universal Recycling Programs, Brattleboro, Vt., Is Saving Money

Town manager: “The magnitude of those changes and how quickly that fell into place really is impressive.”

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Dec 20

WasteZero Enters Innovative Agreement to Reduce Trash Tonnage at Maine Waste-to-Energy Facility

The deal also includes efforts to develop and pilot other innovative programs for Maine communities, including WasteZero’s OneRoute® program.

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Oct 30
Oct 20

AMERIPEN Study on Recovery of Used Packaging

AMERIPEN’s study finds PAYT to be one of the top three methods that local, state, and federal governments can use to cut waste and increase recycling

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