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Oct 19

Vermont ‘Leading North America’ With Act 148

Also known as the “pay-as-you-throw law,” the new statute is already demonstrating positive results.

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Oct 16

University of Maine Survey Shows Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Disposal Boosts Recycling

“Most people in communities with pay-as-you-throw programs responded that it was ‘easier to comply’ than they thought it would be, and most considered the costs ‘fair,’ the survey results state.”

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Oct 6

PAYT Data Reveal Savings in Woolwich, Me.

Trash tonnage dropped by 46% in the program’s first month.

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Oct 6
Sep 27
Sep 11
Sep 9

Vernon, Vt., Selectboard Says Pay-as-You-Throw System Working Well

Trash is down 59% after one year; local official calls the program “a resounding success” that “exceeded all of our expectations.”

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Sep 2

Hanson, Mass., Doubles Recycling Rate With Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Policy

The Boston Globe reports that solid waste decreased by 64% in the first year of the program.

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Aug 21

Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program Sees Fourth Successful Year

The town releases figures showing it has cut solid waste by 49%.

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Aug 18

Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Effort Deemed Success

The Cape Cod Times reports on the benefits of pay-as-you-throw to Sandwich, Mass., after four years. The Board of Selectmen Chair says, “I’m surprised, frankly, other communities haven’t done what we’ve done.”

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