Dec 20

New Pay-As-You-Throw Program in Sanford, Maine Cuts Solid Waste 41% in Three Months

Joshua Kolling-Perin
Director, Public Engagement
o: 919.322.1207

Raleigh, NC – Dec. 20, 2013 – Just three months into its new pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) waste reduction and recycling program, the city of Sanford, Maine has reduced its solid waste by 41% and almost doubled its recycling rate.

The program, managed by WasteZero, began on Sept. 16. Between that date and Dec. 15, Sanford residents threw away 803 tons of municipal solid waste, compared with 1,368 tons in the same three-month period one year earlier.

The changes have had a meaningful impact on Sanford’s municipal finances. As a result of the decreased trash volume, Sanford saved $39,871 in solid waste tipping fees during the first three months of the program.


Sanford City Manager Steven R. Buck said, “The avoided tipping fees for our municipal solid waste, the increase in recycling, and the net revenue to offset our total environmental services operations is currently on target and will likely exceed our original projections.” He added, “WasteZero has been an exceptional partner, assisting the city with implementing and reaching its trash metering goals.”

“We congratulate Sanford on the success of its pay-as-you-throw program,” WasteZero President Mark Dancy said, adding, “The city’s leaders are to be commended for taking these steps to cut waste and save money. We look forward to seeing numbers like these for years to come.”

About Sanford’s PAYT Program

The PAYT program in Sanford began on Sept. 16, 2013. Under the program, residents must use official orange Sanford garbage bags-made in the U.S. using recycled content-to dispose of their trash either for curbside collection or at the transfer station.

The new orange trash bags are available at 10 retail outlets throughout Sanford and the Village of Springvale. They come in three sizes: small, 8-gallon bags sold in packages of 10; medium, 15-gallon bags sold in packages of 8; and large, 33-gallon bags sold in packages of five. Packages for all three bag sizes sell for $10.00.

For more information about Sanford’s PAYT program, please visit /sanford-me.

About WasteZero

WasteZero is the leading provider of municipal solid waste reduction programs in the U.S.  The company is on a mission to cut residential trash in half across the nation. WasteZero partners with more than 800 municipalities throughout the United States to reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled or burned, increase recycling, and generate savings.  It pursues its mission by helping municipalities design, launch, and manage next-generation pay-as-you-throw systems, known as WasteZero Trash Metering™ programs.  These programs eliminate or reduce fixed residential fees for trash collection, and enable residents to dispose of trash only in official, pre-paid trash bags.  These programs reduce solid waste by more than 46% annually, on average. They also help to dramatically increase recycling rates, sometimes by 100% or more.

WasteZero manufactures customized plastic trash bags for its programs-and for other customers-in the US from recycled content. It is committed to creating jobs in the US and to solving the nation’s solid waste crisis.  WasteZero is based in Raleigh, NC, has a manufacturing plant in Hemingway, SC, and maintains regional offices around the country.  The company is also a certified B Corporation.

For more information, visit www.wastezero.com.