Jun 10

WasteZero Programs Approach $1.7 Billion in Positive Financial Impact

Raleigh, NC – June 10, 2019 – WasteZero is pleased to report that its waste reduction programs have provided a cumulative net positive financial benefit of more than $1.66 billion to its partner communities. Since its founding in 1991, WasteZero has been developing, launching, and managing a range of waste reduction programs. Hundreds of cities and towns have adopted these programs and have realized both environmental and financial benefits.

Many of WasteZero’s waste reduction programs involve pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) systems, in which residents pay for trash service like they pay for other utilities (based on how much of the service they use). WasteZero’s approach to PAYT is the most effective available, reducing residential trash by 44% on average. In addition to PAYT, WasteZero offers programs designed to divert food waste, lawn waste, textile waste, and other specialized materials.

When a city or town reduces the amount of trash its residents generate, it also realizes positive financial benefits. These benefits include savings on disposal fees (as municipalities must pay a fee for every ton of trash they send to a landfill or incinerator), as well as operational savings due to lower collection and hauling costs. These programs also generate revenue for cities and towns, which pay for the trash service.

Using its “WasteZap” tool, WasteZero is able to calculate the impact of its programs. For example, the company can estimate how many tons of trash it has diverted from landfills over the years, how many metric tons of carbon dioxide its efforts have prevented from being released into the atmosphere, and the net financial benefits to its partner communities. The data that drives WasteZap comes from a range of sources, including municipal governments, the US EPA, state departments of environmental protection, and WasteZero’s own internally collected data.

On a cumulative basis, WasteZero’s programs have:

  • Provided a net positive financial benefit to cities and towns of more than $1.66 billion
  • Diverted 6.78 million tons of residential trash
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by more than 15.74 million metric tons equivalent (the same as saving about 1.43 billion gallons of gasoline).

Currently, WasteZero programs are adding more than $140 million in financial benefit each year, and that rate is accelerating as new programs come on line.

About WasteZero

WasteZero, the leading provider of the most effective waste reduction programs in the US, partners with more than 400 municipalities to reduce waste landfilled and burned, increase recycling, and generate savings. Our WasteZero Trash Metering™ programs and Pay-As-You-Throw conversion programs reduce solid waste 44% annually on average.

WasteZero uses leading edge technology to manufacture all our programs’ supplies, including customized plastic trash bags. Our Retail Store Distribution Program™ offers trash bag warehousing, inventory management, accounting, and more. WasteZero has offices in Cambridge, MA, Raleigh, NC, Murrells Inlet, SC, and Chicago, IL.

Alice Koehler
Senior Vice President, Marketing