Oct 5

Woolwich, Maine, Pay-as-You-Throw Program Cuts Trash by 46% and Saves Nearly $3,200 in First Month of Operation

Joshua Kolling-Perin
Director, Public Engagement

North Andover, Mass. – Oct. 5, 2015 – In its first month of operation, the new pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) waste reduction and recycling program in Woolwich, Maine, has decreased municipal solid waste (MSW) tonnage by 46% and saved more than $3,000 in disposal fees.

The program began on Sept. 1, 2015. MSW has decreased 46% since that point—from 81.03 tons in September 2014 to 43.71 tons in September 2015.

Woolwich 1-mo MSW graph

The waste reduction from PAYT has enabled Woolwich to save an estimated $3,253 in disposal costs since the program began.

Woolwich 1-mo Recyc Rate graph

With pay-as-you-throw, Woolwich has more than doubled its recycling rate, from 17% in September 2014 to 39% in September 2015.

About Woolwich’s PAYT Program

Under the program—managed by WasteZero as part of the WasteZero Trash Metering™ service offering—residents of the 3,000-resident town use official orange trash bags stamped with the Woolwich seal for curbside collection.

The orange bags—made in the U.S. using recycled content—are available at six retail outlets in and around Woolwich, as well as at the Town Office. The bags are available in two sizes:

  • Small, 15-gallon bags sold in rolls of 10 for $10.00 per package
  • Large, 30-gallon bags, sold in rolls of five for $10.00 per package

Woolwich voters approved the new pay-as-you-throw program by a 52%-48% margin in a Town Meeting vote in May 2015.

To learn more about PAYT in Woolwich, visit /woolwich.

About WasteZero

WasteZero, the leading provider of municipal solid waste reduction programs in the U.S., is on a mission to cut residential trash in half across the nation. WasteZero partners with hundreds of municipalities throughout the U.S. to reduce the amount of waste landfilled and burned, increase recycling, and generate savings. The company helps municipalities design, launch, and manage next-generation pay-as-you-throw systems, in which people pay by the bag for their solid waste services. These programs increase individuals’ awareness of the cost of their trash, reducing solid waste by an average of 44% and doubling or sometimes tripling recycling rates. In most cases, WasteZero is able to guarantee its municipal customers that its programs will meet or exceed specific waste reduction targets.

WasteZero manufactures the customized specialty plastic trash bags for its programs and other customers in the U.S. from recycled content. It is committed to creating U.S. jobs and to solving the nation’s solid waste crisis. A certified B Corporation, WasteZero is a national organization with key management offices in Raleigh, N.C., and the Boston area, and a manufacturing facility in Hemingway, S.C.

For more information, visit www.wastezero.com.