The Next Generation Pay-As-You-Throw

Across the country, pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs have gained momentum and popularity as municipalities recognize the growing challenges they face with the increasing volume of municipal solid waste - and where to put it. PAYT programs, where residents use designated bags or tags for waste removal and are charged based on the amount of trash they throw away, make sense - the less trash thrown out, the less the resident pays.

PAYT works by residents purchasing special imprinted trash bags, which can be used with curbside collection or transfer station drop off. And when residents are directly paying for the amount of trash they throw away, the result is a powerful economic incentive for residents to reduce waste.

These programs generally work with success rates anywhere from a 17% to 23% reduction in municipal solid waste (MSW). But there is a lot farther you can go, which is why we developed WasteZero Trash Metering™ programs, the next generation of pay-as-you-throw.

44% Decrease in Municipal Solid Waste

While traditional PAYT programs deliver on average a 20% reduction in solid waste on average, only advanced WasteZero Trash Metering programs provide a comprehensive solution to take it to the next level.

50% Reduction in Costs

WasteZero Trash Metering programs deliver drastically reduced tipping fees, transfer fees, and out-of-region shipping fees, while streamlining operations and creating additional savings ... all within months.

Doubling or Tripling of Recycling Rates

WasteZero customers have seen recycling rates go through the roof – in some cases a 100% or 200% increase – bringing valuable re-sell revenue to your town and creating additional “green” jobs.

Traditional pay-as-you-throw programs are used by thousands of communities to reduce solid waste, increase recycling, control costs, and even generate revenue. Increasingly, the simplicity of a completely turnkey program, solid proven results, and convenience that can be offered to residents is driving more and more communities to adopt a Trash Metering program from WasteZero.

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