Residents Gain When We Reduce Trash


In cities and towns where there is no waste reduction program in place, the cost of managing trash is often hidden in the tax bill, and usually charged at a flat rate. In this situation, residents have little to no incentive to reduce their trash volume and increase recycling or reuse. What's worse, residents who recycle and reduce waste end up subsidizing their neighbors' wastefulness. With advanced pay-as-you-throw programs like WasteZero Trash Metering™, residents pay only for what they throw away.

Residents Take Control!

In communities with a WasteZero program, residents use special municipal trash bags they purchase in local retail stores. Bags typically cost $1 to $3 and allow residents to pre-pay for the disposal of that bag of trash. Therefore, residents are in complete control of what they pay for trash disposal.

Everyone Helps Keep Valuable Services Available

Savings and revenues generated from programs like these can be used to support community services like schools, parks, roads, public safety, or emergency services, while also completely covering all solid waste management costs.

Actually, This Isn’t an Additional Tax

Traditional PAYT programs can be unpopular with residents if they are perceived as “just another tax.” With WasteZero’s unique and comprehensive programs, cities and towns can elect to 'share the savings' with the residents.

And Don't Forget About Recycling Benefits

With our landfills nearing capacity, recycling and composting offer a clear alternative to the environmentally unfriendly process of burying and burning our trash or paying a substantial fee to ship waste material, much of which is recyclable, out of state. WasteZero's Trash Metering and pay-as-you-throw conversion programs are custom tailored to meet the needs of cities and towns and are designed to help ensure a successful program launch and immediate benefits from start to finish.

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