WasteZero Delivers for Municipalities Large and Small

No town is too small and no city too large to benefit from WasteZero Trash Metering™. Our programs have been successful in a wide range of municipalities including small towns with a few thousand residents and larger cities with several hundred thousand. Single family or multi-family, various economic demographics, or large populations of over age 65 … all of these characteristics are well-served by advanced pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs like WasteZero Trash Metering. The key is the fairness and equality of volume-based pricing and the ease of adoption and use.

Residents Approve of a Fair Program

Residents pay based on consumption for electricity, gas, and water. Why not trash? With WasteZero Trash Metering solutions, residents pay for what they throw away. It’s a fair and equitable solution.

Waste Reduction Doesn’t Have to Be a Tax

Only WasteZero offers resident rebate programs where the savings and revenues generated from the program are shared with the residents. It’s true; you don’t have to raise taxes to improve waste management and recycling services.

Retail Store Distribution Makes it Easy

WasteZero turnkey programs offer a multitude of services, including delivery of WasteZero Trash Metering bags to local grocery, hardware, or convenience stores, accounting, inventory management, and reporting. It couldn’t be easier for residents, retailers, or administrators.

Whether you're just beginning a program or upgrading your current PAYT program, WasteZero Trash Metering™ delivers lasting benefits to your community. What would be the impact on your community from:

  • Reduced tipping fees, transfer station fees and out-of-region shipping fees?
  • Increased revenues from the value of recycled materials?
  • Increased regional employment in recycling/manufacturing/reuse sector?
  • Decreased need for new landfill or incinerator space?

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