Yard Waste

Managing and Reducing Yard Waste


Yard waste is primarily grass clippings, fallen leaves, sticks and twigs, pulled weeds, and similar materials.  According to the EPA, yard waste makes up 13% of all US municipal solid waste (MSW).  About 61% of that waste is recovered and transformed into valuable compost or mulch.  However, 39% is not recovered.  That amounts to more than 82 pounds of waste every year for each person in America.

All that waste represents a significant environmental problem, as well as a substantial cost for municipal governments.  WasteZero is working to help cities and towns reduce the amount of residential yard waste they must collect.  We also work to help cities and towns manage yard waste more efficiently.

Streamlining Yard Waste Collection…and Making It Financially Sustainable

WasteZero helps cities and towns manage their yard waste in an environmentally responsible (and financially sustainable) way.  We help in two key ways:  Supplies and Programs.


WasteZero programs are designed to reduce waste, improve collection efficiency, cut costs, and generate revenue (when desired).  We can also back those programs with customized resident outreach and education.  These include

  • Uniform Bag Programs
  • Yard Waste Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Programs

If your community is looking for ways to improve how you manage yard waste, then give WasteZero a call.


WasteZero provides municipal customers with specialized bags for residential yard waste collection.  These include

  • The strongest paper bags available
  • ASTM-D6400-certified compostable plastic bags.
  • Bags made from recycled LLDPE

All bag types can be custom-printed with the city seal, instructions, or anything else needed by the City.  Distribution to local retailers is also available.


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