Great for Your Community, Great for the Environment

When you cut the trash in half, great things can happen: trash disposal fee savings can help prevent tax increases or cuts in services, and resources are freed up for more productive uses, such as hiring more teachers, police officers, or firefighters, improving schools and parks, or building new community centers.

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Schools, Parks, Police & Fire, Transportation, Other Valuable NeedsX

Communities now have a choice.  A WasteZero Trash Metering Program can bring a wide range of benefits to a community:

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Strengthened overall financial health
  • Increased revenue from recycled materials
  • Increased regional employment in recycling / manufacturing / reuse sector

Community Benefits

  • Happier residents
    • Fairer way to pay for trash
    • Convenient and easy to participate
    • High program-approval ratings
  • More resources available for other community needs

Environmental Benefits

  • Less natural resource depletion
  • Less energy use
  • Longer landfill lifespans
  • Fewer carbon emissions
  • Cleaner, more organized garbage collection
  • Fewer toxins in landfills

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