A Comprehensive Solution to Reduce Waste, Save Money, & Increase Recycling

WasteZero makes it easy for a city or town to put a Trash Metering pay-as-you-throw program into action.  We are the only company in the nation that can design a program, model the likely results, implement the program, and manage it on an ongoing basis.

We make the PAYT process easy, risk-free, and fast for city leaders and for residents.

Services cover the day-to-day issues of supplies and distribution, as well as resident education and communication, customer service, and financial reporting.

Supplies and Distribution Services


  • Top-quality, official trash bags in the city’s chosen size(s) and color(s)
  • Printed with the city seal and any other required messages or instructions
  • Packaged for retail sale

Retail Store Distribution

  • Distribution to selected grocery, hardware, and convenience stores, along with other local retailers
  • Order management and tracking so city staff isn’t burdened with managing retail relationships
  • Safe, secure, supply chain, eliminating risk of loss

Accounting & Inventory Control

  • Active inventory management, establishing a dependable supply
  • All shipments tracked and accounted for
  • Full financial accounting; 100% transparent for city leaders


  • Regular reporting so city leaders always know the financial status of the program

Communications and Customer Support Services

Community Education

  • Materials and resources to help residents become better recyclers and get the most out of the program

Launch Communications

  • Mailers and announcements about when the program launches, how to participate, where to get bags, and more

Program Website

  • Customized for the city’s program, providing important information for residents (including where to buy bags, what can be recycled, and customer service information)

Customer Service Line

  • Toll-free line providing information about the program, with access to live customer service personnel

Public Engagement & Media Relations

  • Support to help the City or Town communicate with residents about the program before, during, and after launch; tracking of program results and supporting interaction with local media

A Unique and Sensible Solution That Offers:

  • A WasteZero program manager for every program, ensuring a smooth start-up and serving as an ongoing point of contact for the town or city
  • No up-front costs
  • No new technologies or facilities
  • The need for no additional staff or resources
  • No partisan politics

No other organization offers such a comprehensive solution for cities and towns.  Some others offer pay-as-you-throw bags, but they leave city leaders on their own for the details of bag storage and distribution, retailer and resident relations, risk management, and staff administration.

WasteZero is with you every step of the way.