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Seriously, Is This The Best We Can Do?

This article in the Winter 2015 issue of Commonwealth Magazine takes a look at the trash problem in MA, and some solutions to it.

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AMERIPEN Study on Recovery of Used Packaging

A 2013 study by AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, took a close look at all the different methods that local, state, and federal governments use to reduce waste and increase recycling.  They analyzed techniques used across the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.  AMERIPEN assessed a wide range of techniques, including pay-as-you-throw…

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Cutting Trash in Half: How New Hampshire Towns and Cities Can Secure Their Financial Future with Pay-as-You-Throw

In an article in New Hampshire Town and City, the magazine of the New Hampshire Municipal Association, WasteZero Board Chair John Campbell and former Somersworth NH Mayor George Bald detail the benefits of pay-as-you-throw for New Hampshire communities and others around the country.

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Toward a Common Denominator

In a MSW Management guest column, WasteZero President Mark Dancy suggests that current zero-waste efforts are hampered by the lack of a clear and consistent measurement for waste reduction, and he argues for using pounds per capita disposed as the standard.

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Cutting Trash in Half: Secure Finances With Pay-as-You-Throw

In this article in Maine Townsman, the magazine of the Maine Municipal Association, WasteZero Chairman John Campbell and former Portland, Maine, Mayor George Campbell examine how pay-as-you-throw is already helping many Maine cities and towns, and show what it could do for others that have not yet made the switch. The article includes detailed case…

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The People Speak: Pay-as-You-Throw and Resident Satisfaction

This article from the June 2014 issue of MSW Management magazine details the findings from a Public Policy Polling survey of 1,000 people in pay-as-you-throw communities, including the following: 79% have a favorable opinion of PAYT, with 52% reporting a very favorable opinion. 68% see the program as fair. 74% think it is not difficult to…

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Pay-as-You-Throw Survey Results From Public Policy Polling

This memo from Public Policy Polling details the results from their survey of residents’ satisfaction with WasteZero pay-as-you-throw programs.

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About Pay-As-You-Throw

Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs come in many shapes and sizes.  This article provides a great overview of the different methods cities and towns use to put PAYT into action.  It also lists the relative strengths and weaknesses of each program type.  The key pay-as-you-throw program types covered include: Cash Overflow Programs Variable Rate Carts Tag or…

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Making Pay-as-You-Throw Pay

This article from the October 2013 issue of Resource Recycling magazine examines how pay-as-you-throw programs can benefit municipal recycling, with case studies from several PAYT communities.

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Best Practices for PAYT (Part 3): Implementation

This article, from the September 2013 issue of WasteAdvantage magazine, outlines the key success factors for implementing a bag-based pay-as-you-throw program.  It covers topics important to any city leader or staff member involved with a new program start-up: Pre-launch preparation Resident communications Distribution and inventory planning Enforcement Rollout management Ongoing program management

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