Information for the Fight
Against Trash

Curbside Collection of Used Textiles

This presentation provides a brief overview of a free service provided by WasteZero and Simple Recycling: Curbside collection of used textiles. This service is free to cities and to residents. It also pays cities $20 per ton for all materials recovered.

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Kristen Brown at DC Environmental Network

Reaching Zero Waste: A Capital Example

In a presentation to the DC Environmental Network, Kristen Brown from WasteZero offers an overview of pay-as-you-throw and explains how it could help the District of Columbia improve its sustainability footprint.

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Joshua Kolling-Perin speaking at RTP 180

The Trash Opportunity

WasteZero’s Joshua Kolling-Perin speaks about solid waste and social entrepreneurship at an event hosted by Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

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Cutting Trash in Half

WasteZero Chairman John Campbell’s address at the annual B Corp “B Inspired” event in Portland, Ore.

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Icon Co Collection

OneRoute Co-Collection Overview

Presentation showing how OneRoute® Co-Collection works.  With co-collection, cities can combine multiple routes into one, such as trash and recycling or trash and organics.  This increases recycling while saving money and speeding up collection.  It’s not feasible in every location, but WasteZero can help a city or town determine if it’s right for them.

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Overflow Programs Overview

Presentation outlining how WasteZero overflow programs work, as well as the benefits of switching from a sticker- or bag-based program to one that uses bags.

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Voucher Programs Overview

Presentation outlining how WasteZero voucher programs work.  These programs are designed to minimize cost and operational burdens for cities that give away trash and/or recycling bags to residents.

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WasteZero Retail Store Distribution

Fact sheet on WasteZero’s Retail Store Distribution (RSD) capability:  For any PAYT program, recycling bag program, or any other program that requires bags to be distributed through retail stores, WasteZero has you covered.  We handle everything, including recruiting retailers, storing and managing inventories, receiving and processing orders, tracking and managing receivables, and accounting.

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trash tag

Converting PAYT Tags to Bags

Fact sheet on the benefits of converting tag- or sticker-based PAYT programs to bag-based programs:  Typically, trash is further reduced by 25% to 30%.

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WasteZero Overview

General fact sheet on WasteZero, with an emphasis on pay-as-you-throw (PAYT)

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