Results with WasteZero

Conversion Chart

"We did have a 53% reduction in the amount of tonnage picked up curbside. Those reductions are a very strong start for the program. People are just really recycling more. We were extremely pleased with those results. They were beyond our expectations."

"Recycling Quadruples in Brewer," Bangor Daily News, Feb. 15, 2011

Decreased solid waste and waste management costs. Increased recycling. Additional revenue through bag sales and recycled materials. The benefits from a WasteZero Trash Metering™ program are truly wide reaching.

Savings and Revenue

Reduced tipping fees and out-of-region shipping fees, increased revenue from bag sales and recycled materials, and an overall strengthening of the community's financial health.

Community Benefits

Ability to retain key jobs and key services, and create additional job opportunities in the recycling/reuse sector. Not to mention the ability to start or complete critical community projects.

Environmental Impact

Reduced natural resource depletion, energy use, and toxins in the air and water supply. Extended landfill lifespan and reduced need for landfill expansion.

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