Create Savings and Generate Revenue by
Reducing Waste

Implementing a Trash Metering program from WasteZero provides both revenue and savings opportunities for municipalities. Consider the savings opportunities first. The bottom line is:  When trash is reduced, all of the related costs to manage that trash are also reduced. Specifically, savings can be achieved through:

  • Reduced tipping fees
  • Decreased out-of-region shipping fees
  • Fewer trash trucks and/or drivers needed for curbside pickup
  • Fewer resources needed at the transfer station

In addition, the revenue achieved through the sale of municipality-branded trash bags to residents provides a much-needed financial injection to cities and towns. Municipalities can choose to share these revenues with residents - with what is called our More In Return™ program, or put the money back into vital services for the community.

“Before PAYT, trash tonnage in [one MA city] averaged 21,000 tons annually. Since the program started, the tonnage has been cut in half, to about 10,000 tons. The city is saving more than $800,000 annually in disposal fees.” American City & County

“Maybe it’s the wallet talking or maybe the switch raised everyone’s awareness, but the move by [one MA town] to Pay-As-You-Throw trash program has had a remarkable effect on the town’s budget and the environment.” Wicked Local

Hundreds of cities and towns in the US have realized both savings and revenue benefits with WasteZero. To learn how WasteZero can help your community achieve similar benefits, contact us today.