Solutions for Haulers

WasteZero’s solutions help haulers:

  1. Increase top-line revenue
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Improve profitability
  4. Build a competitive advantage

Multiple Opportunities to Work Together



Private Label Bags

Subscription haulers can generate more revenue form customers by becoming their trash bag provider.


  • Increased revenue & profit
  • Added value for subscribers

How it Works

  • Offer branded trash bags (year’s supply) to subscribers for an up-charge.
  • Charge below typical retail and still make a solid profit margin.
  • Drivers can drop bags at residences or WasteZero can coordinate delivery.

WasteZero provides:

  • Bag manufacturing
  • Range of packaging options
  • Marketing support
  • Distribution & delivery

Overflow Programs

For subscription haulers providing automated curbside collection, an overflow program reduces overflow trash, makes collection more efficient and helps recover the cost of overflow trash.


  • Reduction in the number of times the driver must exit the truck
  • Lower collection costs
  • Revenue

How it Works

  • Residents must place overflow trash in the hauler’s private-label bags.
  • Bags can be sold to residents online or dropped off and added to the subscription cost.
  • Retail price is up to the hauler and net revenue from bag sales goes to the hauler.

WasteZero provides:

  • Bags and Inventory Management
  • Distribution Support
  • Resident Education Support

Textiles Program

WasteZero can work with you to offer curbside collection and recycling of used textiles


  • Valuable service to customers
  • Revenue for every pound of material collected
  • Competitive advantage and positive “PR” for helping the environment

How it Works

  • WasteZero distributes educational materials & free textile collection bags to residents
  • WasteZero provides free content for the hauler’s website
  • Hauler picks up textile bags at the curb on normal collection days
  • Hauler deposits bag in a semi-trailer (provided)
  • WasteZero facilitates sale of the material to our textile partner


WasteZero can work with you to offer curbside collection of food waste and organic waste.


  • Competitive advantage by offering customers food waste collection
  • Consistent performance at collection and in composting facilities


  • Bag supplies – ASTM-D6400 compliant compostable plastic
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Resident Education Support

Yard Waste


  • High-quality bags for yard waste collection
  • Increased collection efficiency
  • Consistent performance at collection in composting facillities


  • Bag Supplies
    • ASTM-D6400 compliant compostable plastic
    • LLDPE
    • Paper
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Mangement
  • Resident Education Support

PAYT/Unit-Based Pricing

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) changes the way residents pay for trash service. Instead of fixed fees or taxes, residents pay based on how much trash they generate. WasteZero’s bag-based PAYT system works in all collection environments and makes collection more efficient by reducing waste 44% on average.

Bidding Advantage

Haulers can offer this service to municipal customers and/or include a PAYT option as an alternative bid in their responses to municipal RFPs for residential trash collection.

Benefits for Haulers

  • Ability to add a meaningful waste reduction offering
  • Significant competitive advantage in ids for municipal trash service
  • Significant revenue-generation opportunity
  • More efficient collection/reduced costs (due to reduced material)

WasteZero Can Provide a Turnkey Solution or Just Key Components

  • Program Design & Bid Support
  • Bag Manufacturing
  • Bag Inventory Management
  • Retail Store Management
  • Retail Store Distribution
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Public Communications & Education
  • Turn-Key Program Management


Co-Collection combines multiple routes into one, saving time, money and wear and tear on equipment.  It also increases resident satisfaction.  Any hauler/disposal facility that offers co-collection will have a distinct competitive advantage.   It also enables positions the hauler to provide a range of additional waste-reduction offerings that further enhance your competitive advantage.

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Trash, recycling, organics and/or other materials can be collected in the same truck on one route.
  • Residents put materials in color-coded bags, which are separated at the processor.
  • Automated or manual collection works well.
  • Collection efficiency increases.
  • Collection costs drop.
  • Other waste reduction programs can be easily integrated.

Co-Collection Can Be a Key Way To

  1. Reduce cost even more with PAYT systems
  2. Add new collection programs (e.g. organics) without adding routes
  3. Collect trash and recycling more efficiently on long rural routes

When all materials are collected in their respective bags, they can be placed on the same truck and separated for processing at the transfer station or disposal/materials recovery facility.

Benefits for Haulers

  • Ability to add new services
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased profits
  • Major differentiation/competitive advantage

WasteZero Can Provide Any or All of the Following

  • Program Design & Business Case
  • Facility Specifications & Design (via a partner)
  • Bag Manufacturing
  • Bag Inventory Management/Distribution
  • Public Communications & Education