Communities who turned their trash into real savings
Ashland, MA

Reducing Solid Waste Fees With PAYT

When Ashland, Mass., kicked off pay-as-you-throw in 2006, the town reduced the annual base solid waste fee from $215 to $138. Over the first nine years of the program, trash tonnage has dropped by more than one-third, and the recycling rate has nearly doubled. Town officials report no increase in illegal dumping with PAYT.

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“I can’t imagine not doing it (PAYT)…Bath’s residents have certainly supported it wholeheartedly.”

City Manager, Bath, ME

Worcester, MA

Long-Running Success Story in a Large City

In 1993, Worcester’s municipal budget crisis forced the City to adopt a bag-based PAYT waste reduction and recycling program.  In the first week, Worcester’s recycling rate shot from 2% to 38%, and their solid waste volume dropped 47% between the year before the program and the year after.

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“(The) PAYT program has benefited Malden both fiscally and environmentally, there are less bags on the curb and more items in the recycling.”

Mayor, Malden, MA

Malden, MA

Award-Winning Results

In 2009, the Town of Malden faced a number of budgetary challenges and wanted to avoid program and personnel cuts. Having already instituted a commercial PAYT program in 2000, they were familiar with the concept.  In 2008, the Town brought on board the WasteZero Trash Metering™ program, complete with WasteZero Retail Store Distribution™ and custom printed bags.

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