Communities who turned their trash into real savings
Gloucester, MA

Switching to Bags Saved $1 Million

In 1990, in an effort to cut its solid waste, the City of Gloucester, MA instituted a tag-based pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) program. Shortly after, it was apparent that the program was falling short of the City’s expectations. To do more, in 2009 Gloucester moved away from tags and adopted WasteZero’s bag-based PAYT program.

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“Many people have come to me and said how much money they’ve saved under [the WasteZero system]. If you’re willing to recycle, you’re going to save money.”

Select Board Chair, Littletown, MA

Sanford, ME

PAYT: Worth Coming Back To

In July 2010, the City of Sanford, ME instituted a bag-based pay-asyou-throw (PAYT) program.  Immediately, trash volume dropped by half.  Four months later, the town repealed the program with predictable results: The amount of trash shot up, almost back to where it started.  In September, 2013, Sanford reinstated PAYT, with impressive results.

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“It’s a very successful program. Natick is actually used as a model by (the state) Department of Environmental Protection for other communities.”

Town Administrator, Natick, MA

Plymouth, MA

Curbside or Drop-Off: Success Either Way

To increase its recycling, reduce trash costs for residents, and create a more fair and efficient trash collection program, the Town of Plymouth, MA began its bag-based PAYT program at drop-off centers in July 2013. In just three months, the Town saw a 39% reduction in solid waste volume. While not shown here, in January 2014, the Town adopted automated…

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