Communities leading real change
Natick, MA

Waste Reduction & Operational Savings

Natick began evaluating their PAYT options in early 2003 as a way to handle its fiscal challenges.  Soon after, in FY2004, it began its WasteZero bag-based PAYT program—and instantly experienced significant reduction in municipal solid waste.  In July 2013, it began its automated recycling collection.

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“Many people have come to me and said how much money they’ve saved under [the WasteZero system]. If you’re willing to recycle, you’re going to save money.”

Select Board Chair, Littletown, MA

Ashland, MA

Reducing Solid Waste Fees With PAYT

When Ashland, Mass., kicked off pay-as-you-throw in 2006, the town reduced the annual base solid waste fee from $215 to $138. Over the first twelve years of the program, trash tonnage dropped and maintained a one-third reduction, and the recycling rate has nearly doubled.  Town officials report no increase in illegal dumping with PAYT.

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“It’s a very successful program. Natick is actually used as a model by (the state) Department of Environmental Protection for other communities.”

Town Administrator, Natick, MA

Malden, MA

Award-Winning Results

In 2009, the Town of Malden faced a number of budgetary challenges and wanted to avoid program and personnel cuts. Having already instituted a commercial PAYT program in 2000, they were familiar with the concept.  In 2008, the Town brought on board the WasteZero Trash Metering™ program, complete with WasteZero Retail Store Distribution™ and custom printed bags.

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