Communities who turned their trash into real savings
Eliot, ME

57% Trash Reduction

The small town of Eliot, ME decided to find a way to reduce the tax burden on residents. To address these efforts, in early September, 2013, the Town kicked off its WasteZero PAYT program.  In four short months, the amount of trash generated dropped by more than half, and the Town saved close to $9,000, putting them on a…

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“WasteZero has a great track record...This program has been successful everywhere.”

DPW Director, Tiverton, RI

Hanson Image
Hanson, MA

Going PAYT When Tipping Fees Increase

Going PAYT to Avoid Increased Tipping Fees

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“(The) PAYT program has benefited Malden both fiscally and environmentally, there are less bags on the curb and more items in the recycling.”

Mayor, Malden, MA

Waterville ME Image
Waterville, ME

Using PAYT to Pay for Curbside Recycling

Using PAYT to pay for Curbside Recycling

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