Concord, NH

Cutting Waste and Saving Money in New Hampshire’s Capital City

Facing a dramatic increase in tipping fees, the city of Concord NH began a pay-as-you-throw program in July 2009.

Over the first five years of the program, residential solid waste tonnage decreased by almost half, and the recycling rate more than doubled.

The program has seen more than 90% compliance since its first week.

The city’s public works leadership reports that there has been no increase in illegal dumping since the program began.

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By the Numbers

  • Population: 42,400
  • Median Income/Household: $53,000
  • Bag-based PAYT with curbside trash and single-stream recycling collection


  • 43% drop in solid waste tonnage
  • 36% recycling rate (up from 13% before PAYT)
  • $2 million annual decrease in transfer to city’s solid waste fund
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