Malden, MA

Award-Winning Results

In 2009, the Town of Malden faced a number of budgetary challenges and wanted to avoid program and personnel cuts. Having already instituted a commercial PAYT program in 2000, they were familiar with the concept.  In 2008, the Town brought on board the WasteZero Trash Metering™ program, complete with WasteZero Retail Store Distribution™ and custom printed bags.

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By the Numbers

  • Population:  60,000
  • Median Income/Household:  $54,000
  • Bag-based PAYT with curbside trash and dual-stream recycling collection


  • 49% reduction in solid waste tonnage
  • 74% increase in recycling tonnage
  • $800,000 in solid waste disposal savings
  • $17 million in revenue to Malden from the sale of PAYT bags
  • 98% compliance rate among residents
  • 2010 EPA Merit Award Winner
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