Ashland, MA

Reducing Solid Waste Fees With Pay-as-You-Throw

When Ashland, Mass., kicked off pay-as-you-throw in 2006, the town reduced the annual base solid waste fee from $215 to $138.

Over the first twelve years of the program, trash tonnage dropped and maintained a one-third reduction, and the recycling rate has nearly doubled.  Town officials report no increase in illegal dumping with PAYT.

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By the Numbers

  • Population:  15,000
  • Median Income/Household:  $95,000
  • Bag-based pay-as-you-throw with curbside trash and single-stream recycling collection


  • 34% reduction in waste tonnage
  • 88% increase in recycling rate
  • $1,355,000 in disposal savings
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