Waterville, ME

Using Pay-As-You-Throw to Bring Curbside Recycling

When the city of Waterville, ME began PAYT, it chose to use some of the proceeds to fund a curb-side single-stream recycling collection program that residents had been clamoring for.  At the six-month mark, the program was exceeding all of its waste reduction and financial targets.  At the one-year mark, the city conducted a referendum (which had been promised at the program’s launch), to determine whether to keep the program in place.  Residents voted to keep the PAYT program by a 2-to-1 margin!


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By the Numbers

Population:  16,000

Median Household Income:  $33,000

PAYT Type:  Bag-based with curbside single-stream recycling collection

Six-Month Results:

  • 53% decrease in solid waste tonnage
  • $78,000 in disposal savings
  • 1,075 tons of solid waste diverted

Third-Year Results:

  • 56% decrease in solid waste tonnage
  • $200,000 average in disposal savings each year
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