Specialized Features

We make bags for a range of specialized uses, with features you can’t always find with other manufacturers.


We manufacture bags in the range of standard colors, and we can produce non-standard colors as well.  We also offer clear, translucent, and reversible bags, and bags with opaque liners.


Our printing technology enables us to put your custom artwork on any bag—ideal for branding and sponsorships or providing information, instructions, or warnings.  We can center your artwork on the bag (registered print), or print it all over on the bag.  Multiple ink choices are available (one color per bag).


We manufacture bags with a range of closure types, but customers often find drawstring closures to be the most effective.  In fact, 70% of all bags sold in the retail market have drawstring closures, because they:

Recycled Content

Based on a customer’s needs, we can make bags from 100% recycled material, 100% new plastic content, and any combination in between.  Our 3-ply extrusion technology and formulation expertise enables us to incorporate recycled content while maintaining or enhancing bag strength.  Our manufacturing expertise:

Bag Innovation

Whether we are designing a new closure technology or formulating a specific content mix, WasteZero appreciates the unique requirements of every customer, and we’re always innovating to meet new needs.

One example is the launch of our reversible technology for roadside clean-up programs:  no need to maintain two different bag inventories (orange for trash, blue for recycling).  WasteZero pioneered technology to produce bags with one color on the outside and another color on the inside. This is extremely helpful for state DOTs for their roadside clean-up programs, which can use the orange side for their trash or turn it inside out and use blue for recycling.

Let’s Talk

If you use bags, we can probably offer you a better, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly solution.  Let’s discuss your needs today.