More Than Just Bags

Because of our experience with complex PAYT programs, we are experts when it comes to distribution and logistics.  Often times, customers have complex needs involving many different types of bags being distributed to a wide range of locations for different purposes.

For example, one of our customers (a very large telecommunications company) uses a range of different bag types for a corporate-wide program for recycling its industrial waste.  We developed a solution that includes

Other customers work with us for the same reason:  They need more than just a bag…They need a partner to help design and run a complex program that uses bags.

Creative Ways to Meet Your Needs While Saving You Money and Resources

We can analyze your current bag use and recommend ways to help improve quality, reduce costs, save resources, and protect the environment:

Review Current Purchases

Understand Needs & Uses

Develop Ideas

Quantify Impact and Submit Proposal

Together, we can help your organization become a flagship program for cost and waste reduction.  Let’s begin the conversation today.