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Head-to-Head Comparison in Maine: How Does PAYT Stack Up?

We routinely tell cities and towns that a bag-based pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system will cut residential trash by 44%.  We’re confident in that number because that’s what the data we’ve collected over the years tells us.  Recently, we decided to put that number to the test once again and perform a head-to-head comparison of towns with…

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With Pay-as-You-Throw, Good Policy Is Good Politics

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: pay-as-you-throw isn’t just good policy; it’s also good politics. That’s been true for a while, and the news yesterday out of Waterville, Maine, is just more evidence for it. In a city-wide referendum, Waterville residents voted by an overwhelming two-to-one margin to continue PAYT. It’s not hard to see why. Pay-as-you-throw…

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A New Pay-as-You-Throw Success Story in Eliot, Maine

The town of Eliot, Maine, has kicked off its brand-new pay-as-you-throw program with a bang: in just four months, the town has cut its trash volume by a stunning 57% and saved more than $8,500 in disposal fees. Eliot–a small town of 6,200 tucked into southern Maine–began the program on Sept. 3. From that point…

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Success in Sanford

Do you remember when we told you a few months ago to “watch this space” to see what would happen with pay-as-you-throw in Sanford, Maine? Over the past few years, Sanford had adopted pay-as-you-throw, and then voted it out, and then adopted it again—and we had a hunch that they’d be putting up some good…

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Watch This Space—Pay-As-You-Throw in Sanford, Maine

The City of Sanford, Maine is back. For those of you keeping score, the city’s leaders instituted a bag-based pay-as-you-throw program in July of 2010, then voters repealed the program through a referendum four months later, and just this week they’ve started doing pay-as-you-throw again. As you’d expect, Sanford’s municipal solid waste volume plummeted when…

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A Pay-As-You-Throw Success Story in Bath, Maine

Our partner community Bath, Maine celebrated five years of pay-as-you-throw last fall, and the results were astounding. Bath is a coastal community of around 8,500 residents, known as the “City of Ships” for its rich shipbuilding history. Bath’s program combines PAYT with curbside single-stream recycling for around 3,000 households, and over their first five years…

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