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Pay-as-You-Throw and Popular Opinion: A Winning Combination

We’ve known for a long time that people like pay-as-you-throw. How could we not? We’ve been at this for a long time—more than twenty years—and we’ve worked with hundreds of cities and towns. And along the way we’ve had the opportunity to talk with lots of people, to learn about what drives them and what…

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Plymouth (Still) Rocks

When we last checked in on our friends in the town of Plymouth, Mass., in October, they were marking three months of pay-as-you-throw with some really powerful results: 39% waste reduction and $36,000 saved. By any measure, that’s a performance to be proud of. But we said at the time, “If Plymouth is anything like…

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What Six Years of Pay-as-You-Throw Looks Like

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: pay-as-you-throw just plain works. The latest example? The southeastern Massachusetts town of Dartmouth, which marked six years of PAYT in October. In that time, they’ve cut their trash by 59% and boosted their recycling by 50%. Let’s say that again, in case those numbers snuck by…

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Plymouth Rocks

When we say that our pay-as-you-throw programs are immediately effective at reducing solid waste volumes, we mean it. The latest community to experience that reduction for itself is the town of Plymouth, Mass., which—are you sitting down?—has seen a 39% decrease in solid waste volume since it began its program in July. A 39% reduction…

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