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Programs to Increase Textiles Donations for Nonprofits

We believe in the important work that your organization does. To help nonprofit chapters increase textiles donations from new and existing donors, we have worked with organizations across North America to develop and execute a range of programs that have proven they can generate results.

These include the following six programs which your organization can implement individually or in concert:

Precision Mailings: customized mailer geo-targeted at likely donors

School Drives:  custom donation packages and branded collection bags to facilitate  schools-based textiles drives

Donor Thank You Program: drop-off centers have folded, branded donation bags in sleeves printed with a “Thank You” message, mission information and a call to action

Special Events: customized, branded packages with a donation bag and a call-to-action

New Store Openings: customized mailer that can be geo-targeted at likely donor households within a specified radius of the new store

Community Outreach: customized, branded packages, with a bag, mission information and a call-to-action

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