Monthly Archives: November 2013

Success in Sanford

Do you remember when we told you a few months ago to “watch this space” to see what would happen with pay-as-you-throw in Sanford, Maine? Over the past few years, Sanford had adopted pay-as-you-throw, and then voted it out, and then adopted it again—and we had a hunch that they’d be putting up some good…

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Worcester’s Big Anniversary

The pay-as-you-throw program in Worcester, Mass. celebrates its twentieth anniversary next week, and the city has put up some big numbers to mark the occasion: 400,000 tons of trash diverted 200,000 tons of additional recycling Savings of more than $10 million in waste disposal costs Per-capita disposal of 396 pounds of waste per year—44% of…

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Recycling and Jobs

By now, most of us know the environmental benefits of recycling well—decreased energy use, slower depletion of raw materials, less strain on landfills—but recycling has a host of economic benefits that are just as compelling. Simply put, recycling creates jobs. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, while overall US employment was growing by 2.1%…

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