Monthly Archives: October 2014

Oct 20

Waterville, Maine, Pay-as-You-Throw Program Far Exceeds Waste Reduction and Financial Targets in First Six Weeks of Operation

Solid waste is down 55%, and the city has saved almost $21,000 in disposal costs.

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Oct 17

“Pay As You Throw” Trash Programs Becoming More Popular In Massachusetts

Boston’s CBS affiliate looks at how pay-as-you-throw is helping a growing number of communities in Massachusetts.

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Oct 16

Many Cities Reduce Waste With “Pay as You Throw” Trash Programs

Livability magazine profiles the success and popularity of pay-as-you-throw around the U.S.

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Oct 14

Toward a Common Denominator

In a column in MSW Management magazine, WasteZero President Mark Dancy makes the case for measuring waste reduction by how much garbage each person throws away each year.

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Oct 10

Dartmouth, Mass., Earns Award for Sustainability Efforts

The WasteZero partner community is recognized by the International City/County Managers Association for its sustainability work–including its pay-as-you-throw program, which has cut solid waste by almost 60%.

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Oct 1

Pay-as-You-Throw: First Year in Plymouth, Mass., Shows Solid Savings

Trash is down by 44% after the first year of pay-as-you-throw.

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