Monthly Archives: March 2014

Mar 28

Wellfleet Manager: PAYT Is Paying Off

The new pay-as-you-throw program in Wellfleet, Mass., has saved money, cut solid waste, and increased recycling in its first three months, the Town Administrator says in a report to the town board.

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Mar 17

Eliot Selectmen Updated on Pay-to-Throw Revenue

To mark six months of pay-as-you-throw, officials in Eliot, Maine, release figures showing a 59% drop in solid waste volume and a projected annual disposal fee savings of more than $23,000.

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Mar 16

Tilton Voters Turn Down Move to End Pay-as-You-Throw

At the annual town meeting in Tilton, NH, voters overwhelmingly defeated a measure to end the town’s six-month-old pay-as-you-throw program.

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Mar 14

Pay-as-You-Throw Program in Wellfleet, Mass., Cuts Solid Waste, Boosts Recycling Rate, and Saves Money

After three months of pay-as-you-throw, Wellfleet, Mass., has cut trash volume, boosted recycling, and saved money.

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Mar 13

Wellfleet Pay-as-You-Throw Sides Get Say

After three months of pay-as-you-throw, the town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, has cut trash volume by 36% and boosted recycling by 65%.

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Mar 7

An Inside Look at Pay-As-You-Throw Programs

An article on the website Earth911.com examines the increasing number of communities converting to pay-as-you-throw, with a focus on WasteZero’s model and the recent success of several WasteZero partner communities.

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Mar 7

Pay-as-You-Throw Program in Plymouth, Mass., Cuts Solid Waste, Boosts Recycling Rate, and Saves Money

Plymouth, Mass., shows waste reduction, recycling gains, and financial savings six months after moving to pay-as-you-throw.

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